7:00 PM Sat 3rd Sep 2016 - 10:00 PM Sat 3rd Sep 2016(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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Guild meeting will be held in the Guild House in Heidel. All Hunters must attend. Attendance for Mercs is optional, but strongly encouraged. Meeting time is 8pm ET

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2nd Sep 2016
I have two childrens birthday parties i must attened. One is at a park down the stteet so I will try to hop on before we commutw to the second one.
1st Sep 2016
I'll be working sat night
31st Aug 2016
I will be working that night.
31st Aug 2016
Going to be OOT with my family for the weekend. Might be able to listen in though on discord via phone.
31st Aug 2016
If you've some how made it so it shows up in my local time, like some kind of time wizard, I'm g2g. But if that's sunday Y'alls time then no can do, but I'm pretty sure that it's in my time.
30th Aug 2016
Will be away for Grandfather's 90+ birthday. Might be his last one so won't be available.
30th Aug 2016
My wife had planned and set a Birthday get together for me on Saturday. So my house will be full of people during that time.
30th Aug 2016
I wont be able to attend, I work until 11pm EST on Saturday
29th Aug 2016
Working that night unfortunately.
29th Aug 2016
~Will not be able to attend as per my LoA post, performance is at that time (7-9pm CST) but I will be home by ~10-10:15 CST.
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