Trials of Praxis Focus Groups
7:00 PM Wed 22nd Mar 2017 - 9:30 PM Wed 22nd Mar 2017(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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ToP - Focus Groups Battle Training

8:00PM  EST / 7:00PM  CST

DURATION: 2.5 Hours

CHANNEL: Calpheon 2 (we'll switch if it's crowded)

LOCATION: Velia Arena


This is a PvP event focusing on small-scale battle.  We will begin with some instruction from our top guys on specific class mechanics and strategies to use against those classes.  Then we'll move to 1v1's to practice what we learned and form focus groups to work with or against certain classes.  This is when some of our top guys will be coaching and helping those less experienced work on their skill setups, combo's , cc's, etc.    Potions are welcome, but not whale potions.  Any and all buffs are also welcomed. 


This event is designed to help each individual improve by both receiving instruction from those more experienced and being able to practice against people of similar gear score.  Focus Groups is meant to find a good medium between coaching and fighting.  We want you to get some fighting in, and while repetition is important, communication is more so.  So while you're working on getting your combo's down, trying different strategies or focusing on a certain class you NEED TO BE COMMUNICATING WITH EACH OTHER.  I like to keep all of our guys working so, typically, if you're done with the matchup I put you in just stand near me on the edge of the arena and I'll get you your next matchup if you're not coaching, watching or spotting for me. 

Again, I need to stress the importance of COMMUNICATION during this event.  Don't just mindlessly duel over and over.  Explain to your partner the class mechanics he or she may not be aware of.  Tell them when they should cc you, when to run from you, etc.  The more we communicate between duels the better we are able to become.  Again, practices and repetition are important, but communication is paramount here so don't be shy!


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22nd Mar 2017
witch 59 452
22nd Mar 2017
Valk / 59 / 485 gs
22nd Mar 2017
thanks guys for the gear scores, gonna be fun tonight!
19th Mar 2017
Valk /56 / 272
16th Mar 2017
12 Hour shifts start that day. Will be late most likely.
15th Mar 2017
I'll be there if I can, I have a new mouse today and I'll need to practice with it.
15th Mar 2017
Witch / 56 / 330
14th Mar 2017
Lizzetta 56/217
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