Lowbi-Grind Session
10:00 PM Sat 20th May 2017 - 01:10 AM Sun 21st May 2017(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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Lowbi - Grind Session: This will be a cooperative group of hungry players that are interested in learning safe and productive ways to grind in some of the more risk-reward regions. This will be a three hour grind focused on straddling two night cycles and driving home Grey's sentiment of, "Don't Waste Your Fucking Time". We will coordinate Party Elixirs, and making sure every ounce of exp buff you have is being utilized. Dealer's choice of grind zones, so be prepared for the best fit for the current group. The following will be a shortlist of what to prepare prior to the event starting.

Sign up and comment with your gear score just like node wars.
*If you are attending, make sure Versaeto gets with you about Party Elixirs.*

Total Grind Time:   3 hours, 10 minutes.

- 10 minutes of staging.
- 2 hours, 50 minutes of grinding.
-10 minute break between night cycles.

Recommended Loadout for Maximum Experience Gain:
-Pearl Shop Costume -10%
-Milk Tea ----------------- 8%
-Splendid Exp Elixir-----15%
-Combat Pet(s)-----------3%(4x)
-Helmet Exp Gems-----10%(2x)
-Imp Trumpet Scroll-----5%
-Cold Draft Beer---------20%
-Daily Grind Hour-------100-200%
-Combat Book/Scroll---50%
-Villa Exp(optional)-----10%

Recommended Food/Elixir Buffs:
-Serendia Special, Knight Combat Rations, Milk Tea
-Elixir of Human Hunt
-Elixir of Demi-Human
-Elixir of Frenzy
-Elixir of Splendid Exp
-Elixir of Grim Reaper
-Elixir of Swiftness

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20th May 2017
19th May 2017
- Maybe Attending -

Maehwa / 56 / 420ish

(only attending as reserve; i.e. if needs a filler)
19th May 2017
ranger/ 59/ 457

Maybe, depends on how much I get done tonight and tomorrow morning before time.
19th May 2017
Marking maybe in case a 59 or lower wants the spot if not I'll fill
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