Farm 4 Fen
1:00 PM Sat 10th Jun 2017 - 5:00 PM Sat 10th Jun 2017(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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SATURDAY, JUNE 10th - 12:00pm eastern --> 4pm eastern.
Recommended Level: 57+
Maximum Attendees:  15

      The Farm 4 Fen Event will be a special occasion for all of us in the guild, merc and hunter alike to give back to one of our most selfless members. Fenrozin Hunter has been a true cornerstone of many of our experiences here on BDO and we are all lucky to have met him and to call him our Brother. He has given so much of his time, effort and consideration to this unit that we are hosting a Grind Session  in honor of his Birthday this Saturday, June 10th.  This is going to be a marathon grind session with hourly Pearl Shop Benchmarks aimed toward birthday gifts for Fen.

Sign up and comment with your gear score just like node wars.
*If you are attending, make sure Versaeto gets with you about Party Elixirs.*

Every Hour Completed during the Grind will result in a gift for Fenjamin!

-1st hour: Artisan Memory Bundle x10
-2nd hour: Red Panda Pet
-3rd hour: Red Panda Pet
-4th hour:  Red Panda Pet (2)

Recommended Loadout for Maximum Experience Gain:
-Pearl Shop Costume -10%
-Milk Tea ---------------10%
-Splendid Exp Elixir---15%
-Combat Pet(s)---------3%(4x)
-Helmet Exp Gems----10%(2x)
-Imp Trumpet Scroll---5%
-Cold Draft Beer--------20%
-Daily Grind Hour-----100-200%
-Combat Book/Scroll---50%
-Villa Exp(optional)----10%

Recommended Food/Elixir Buffs:
-Serendia Special, Knight Combat Rations, Milk Tea
-Elixir of Human Hunt
-Elixir of Demi-Human
-Elixir of Frenzy
-Elixir of Splendid Exp
-Elixir of Grim Reaper
-Elixir of Swiftness  

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10th Jun 2017
Totally late! But im here!
10th Jun 2017
striker / 55 / 400
10th Jun 2017
Striker / 58 / 390
10th Jun 2017
Do my enchanting Fen don't swoosh ur hair at me sir
8th Jun 2017
Ranger / 56 / 296

Scrublord checking in. I am low as hell but happy birthday Fen!
8th Jun 2017
Striker, 5~, ~440

Honoring Fen, Fen is "maybe attending"
8th Jun 2017
Noob Maehwa / 57 / ~422

* Also, I thought Milk Tea only gave +8% exp, not +10%..... BDO descriptions wrong again?
7th Jun 2017
Sorc 57 480
7th Jun 2017
Coolest Striker NA/ 58?/ 455
may be closer to 478 on saturday
7th Jun 2017
Wiz 57 hopefully 400+ by then
7th Jun 2017
Best Musa NA/60/470
7th Jun 2017
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