Muscle Grind
11:00 AM Sun 18th Jun 2017 - 2:00 PM Sun 18th Jun 2017(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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SUNDAY, JUNE 18th - 11:00am eastern --> 2:00pm eastern. 
Recommended Level: 56-59
Recommended Gearscore: 400-479
Maximum Attendees:  5-6
Location: Bashims Plateau Route or Aakman Dungeon     

       Alright, it's been a long while since I hosted a grind event but HERE WE ARE. This grind event is aimed to help push those who are struggling to hit the new and upcoming Battle Ready standard, so if you're above level 59 or have a gearscore higher than 479 please do not sign up for the event. We will be grinding either Bashims if 5 other players sign up for the event (where I will sit out of the grind and protect the route nearby), or Aakman Dungeon with 4 others players (where I will be solo carrying the group). Please keep in mind that Aakman will only be viable for those with higher gearscore than the minimum 400 for this event. The destination for the grind will be chosen 30 minutes before the start of the event.

       The grind group will be first come first serve so sign up ASAP if you know you can make it. I will be doing this every single week, if the demand is there. Hitting Battle Ready is extremely important not just for yourself, but for the guild as a whole and those who are already Battle Ready and fighting the battles to protect our guild's members and our reputation. It's imperative that we all strive to hit this goal to help those already shouldering the burden of protection. I'm here to help you succeed, and I will do everything in my power to make sure it happens.... but it starts with you. The choice is yours.

Sign up and comment with your gear score just like node wars. 
*If you are attending, make sure Fenrozin gets with you about Party Elixirs.*

Recommended Loadout for Maximum Experience Gain:
-Pearl Shop Costume -10%
-Milk Tea ---------------10%
-Splendid Exp Elixir---15%
-Combat Pet(s)---------3%(4x)
-Helmet Exp Gems----10%(2x)
-Imp Trumpet Scroll---5%
-Cold Draft Beer--------20%
-Daily Grind Hour-----100-200%
-Combat Book/Scroll---50%
-Villa Exp(optional)----10%

Recommended Food/Elixir Buffs:
-Serendia Special, Knight Combat Rations, Milk Tea
-Elixir of Human Hunt
-Elixir of Demi-Human
-Elixir of Frenzy
-Elixir of Splendid Exp
-Elixir of Grim Reaper

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15th Jun 2017
If you sign up for this group, do not say you will attend one grind spot and not the other. This group is a luxury not a privilege, Do not abuse Fens generosity.
15th Jun 2017
count me in
striker / 56 / 416
15th Jun 2017
Dang. Really wanted to come for aakman but im out of town till Monday can we do this even again later?
15th Jun 2017
Striker 58 399 will attend for aakman
15th Jun 2017
War/58/39x if I'm too low I understand.
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