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Creatus Day 2019
Scya-Lord Zeroden Hunter 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 11th Jul 2019

~ Creatus Day ~

On the 17th of July, for Hunters new and old, we commemorate the Hunters' 22nd year together. For the new Hunters, Creatus day is the only Hunter holiday, in which we celebrate the day the Hunters were formed (July 17th, 1997). Over two decades ago, we started this organization with the intention to be a family unto itself. To make lasting bonds that persist throughout the ages, to build memories and grow together as a team. Many Hunters in our ranks are testament to the success of that mission.

If you are a Hunter now, whether new or old, you are part of that success, and one of the building blocks that form the structure of our family. Day in, day out, we spend our days together talking about our lives, our passions, and the games we play. We share our successes with one another, and help each other overcome our failings. The past couple of years were not the easiest, as we culled the weakest members of the unit, restructured the organization and modernized the identity of the unit, as we held fast to the loyal core of our organization. Some people can talk a big game, but do not have the resolve, or mettle to live up to their claims. We've held strong and watched as those with skin-deep convictions eroded away from the unit, revealing the stunning diamonds beneath the rough. Since their departure, we've been better for it and the unit is once again a home for the many people who seek it. To the Hunters who carry our legacy forward, you trueblood Hunters have done more than just claim loyalty. You have fought for it and displayed it proudly in the face of adversity. You've come out on top, and raised the unit high on your shoulders in doing so.

This day celebrates you, your membership, your loyalty, and dedication to the Hunters. You deserve to be recognized as a part of this family. As is tradition, we celebrate with a delicious confection of either Ice Cream or Cheesecake (or both!). In-keeping with the ideology of togetherness and teamwork, I encourage you to share your delicious treats with your fellow Hunters, whether it be together in person, here on the site through the Comlinks, or just through pictures of our treats over Comstar.

Happy Creatus Day, Hunters!

- Scya-Lord Zeroden Hunter
   Soulforge Reaver of the
    Kinsworn Hunters [MHX]

17th Jul 2019 Maphorius Hunter
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