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Protocol Update
Xestodin Hunter 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 2nd Oct 2016
Effective immediately, the Kiith-Sa Hunter is implementing a "Fraternization Protocol". Apart from Multi-Guilding, this is our only other Zero Tolerance Protocol.

Any romantic or sexual relationship/involvement between junior members (Mercenaries, Riots and Newbloods) and Hunters of any other rank (Riots, Newbloods, Hunters, Zealots and Reavers) is strictly prohibited. If a relationship violating the aforementioned Protocol is discovered, all involved parties will be terminated immediately. This Protocol applies to any behavior that would be considered non-platonic in any capacity. 

Exceptions to this Protocol are as follows:

1.) You were in a relationship with a person prior to that person's joining the unit.

2.) You are ranked Hunter, and the person you are becoming intimate with also ranked Hunter or above, & the Soulforge Reaver/Phantom Reaver/Blood Reaver(s) has been notified of the existence of this relationship.

If you discover any activities between these junior ranks and any other member of the unit that are in potential violation of this Protocol, you will report it immediately to a Reaver. Failure to do so will make you complicit in this action. If you are discovered to have had knowledge of said relationships, yet failed to report it, you will be considered an accomplice and will be dealt with accordingly.

This unit is not a dating pool, and will never be treated as such. If you are looking for romance, go find it on a website or resource dedicated to being a match-making service, because intra-unit romance has (with 100% accuracy) caused significant damage to unit cohesion and morale.

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