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New Lance Names, Coms, and You!
Marquis Kithek Hunter 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th Oct 2016
We have decided to revamp how groups are being done, and bringing back our Lance System. 

Lances are broken down into Weapon Names and each Weapon has a specific function or M.O for different situations.

As such we have seen fit to change how our discord comlinks are set up to better reflect our Lance System.

The Weapon Lance Comlinks are as follows:

Weapon Zero Comlink
Weapon Ruby Comlink
Weapon Emerald Comlink
Weapon Diamond Comlink
Weapon Raven Comlink

For those that were engaging in D&D sessions in the "Dungeon Comlink" please conduct those sessions now in the Hunter Comlink. For any questions please approach a Reaver!

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