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Destiny 2 Protocol
Azexton Hunter 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 16th Sep 2017
With Destiny 2 on the horizon for PC and out on PS4 now I want to discuss the expectations for Protocols involving the game. As we get into the game additional protocols may be applied.

Name Protocol: Destiny 2 uses your battlenet ID. Your battlenet ID should just be your Bloodname IE: Azexton. If for some reason this is not currently the case for you. You get a one time name change for free with battlenet or can pay for a name change.

Character Protocol: All Hunters will create a Human character of appropriate gender. Your eye color may be whatever you want. While tan skin is encouraged, it is not required.

Uniform Protocol: Hunters will use Red primary shaders on armor, ghosts, sparrows and ships. Riots will use Yellow Primary shaders on armor, ghosts, sparrows and ships. In Destiny 2 all shaders are consumables, because of this it makes them potentially rare. We will come up with a list of good shaders to use per class once we get into the game and have time to find out where they drop/come from. For now follow the information above remembering the shader's primary channel for you should have red/yellow.

Once you start acquiring legendary gear and have a set of armor you are planning to keep and infuse. You will be expected to apply a shader to it. I would advise you not to blow good shaders on leveling gear as there is no way to recover a shader off something once it is applied.

Social Protocol: You must apply to join the clan on the bungie website Clan Link this must be done for anyone who has Destiny or Destiny 2 on the PC/Xbox/PS4.

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