About Joining

I. Introduction to the Hunters:

       The Kiith-Sa Hunter is not your ordinary clan or guild.  We are a Kiith, which easily translates into the word 'Family'. Our members come from all over the world.  The unit is organized, professional, with a responsible and well thought-out chain of command. We have protocols that bind us together, placing us all on the same operational platform,  forming a cohesive team-based environment. With that said ,we are able to do things other guilds or clans cannot, and this is what inherently separates our unit from other organizations.

II. How to join:

        If you are interested in joining Kiith-Sa Hunter you should fill out the application available on this site and submit it for review. (Note: There is no specified activity requirement for members of this unit.) Those who wish to join the Hunters should keep in mind that the Reavers (the leaders of the Kiith-Sa Hunter) hold the values loyalty and honesty in high regard and unless you possess these qualities in high volume you will not be successful here.

        Be advised that the recruitment process takes as long as it needs to. We can spend days, weeks, or even months screening a potential recruit. In order to ensure that we don't waste our time or yours; try to get as much involvement with the unit as you can before you attempt to join. Participating in activities with us adds haste to our decision making process, as it takes much of the guess work out of learning your person.

III. What kinds of rules are enforced:

       Hunters refer to the primary rules of a division as "Protocol."  Protocol varies for each division (since no game is the same), so Reavers should explain to you what the protocol for that division is. Typically protocol will consist of a certain combination of clothes/armor/dyes you can wear and what your display name should look like. Protocol is mostly cosmetic and will never be things that put you at a tactical disadvantage.

       Example(s): On WildStar you must dye your armor a specific color (as defined by your rank), and have your holomarks disabled. Although Discord is not required during every play session, you will be encouraged to be on Discord whenever you are on online.

       No matter what game, program, or website you are on you should always represent the Hunters. If you cannot have "Hunter" in your name, you should try to have "MHX" or some derivative of the Hunter name present within your online handle . Example(s): "Zeroden Hunter", "MHX-Zeroden", "ZerodenHunter", "ZerodenHunter@gmail.com".

       As was mentioned earlier, Reavers are what would be considered the officers of the unit. All Hunters will listen to and respect your Reavers at all times. Your Reavers, in turn, will listen to you, respect you, and ensure you are treated fairly. Be aware that Reavers typically have the final say in matters and that the highest ranking Reaver present has final say on all matters. If a Reaver is found to have abused his or her power they will be reprimanded with appropriate repercussions for their actions. Respect with Reavers is mutual, coming from the heart of our eye-for-an-eye policy. If you are cooperative and responsive with a Reaver, they will do anything they can to help your progress and resolve your issue(s). If you are stubborn and difficult when dealing with a Reaver, they will probably feel less inclined to help you out.

IV.  Proper Name:

      When you join, you should have an appropriate hunter name at the ready. An appropriate hunter name includes the following qualities:
               Originality: don't pick a name that is from a game, or that you got from somebody else.  Make your own name and make it sound of Hunter quality. (Example(s): Zeroden, Gereinath, Azexton, Kithek, Xestodin, etc.)

               Format: Names should have only one capital letter, contain no numbers or foreign characters, and be one word long. Notice in the list of examples given above, you see no two-word names and they all have one capital letter. (Examples of improper names would be; Frogman, Ludwin23, Von Cooper, Ursocool, CloudStrife.)

V. What you need to sign up on:

      Aside from division specific requirements, there are three major requirements you will need to complete upon entering the "Riot" phase of your membership. Please note that these are not required of you until you attain membership.

               1. Sign up on for and download Discord for both your smart phone and computer. The proper format for your Discord name is "Name Hunter" (Example: Zeroden Hunter).

               2. Sign up on this site (www.kiithsahunter.com) by clicking on "Register" which can be found on the menu bar at the top right-hand corner of this site. The proper format for registering on this site is "Name Hunter". (Example: Zeroden Hunter)

                3. Join the "Kiith-Sa Hunter (MHX)" group on Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook account you will need to sign up for one. Upon joining, you will be required to set your "alternate name" to "Name Hunter" format. An alternate name is non-intrusive, and will not appear anywhere on your facebook profile except when someone is looking directly at your page. It appears in parenthesis below your actual name. You may also choose to hide your alternate name on your home page once it's set if you choose to.

VI. What to keep up with:

      As a Hunter you will be expected to check the Comcenter, Comlinks, and Comstar daily for new postings and to be on discord whenever your computer is online, whether you are AFK or otherwise. It is a Reaver's responsibility to see to it that this happens, so be as good to your Reaver as he was with you and make both of you look good by keeping up with it. Remember, the Coms exist to keep you informed; they are our news sources. A true Hunter never misses a beat, especially with so much of it readily accessible at your fingertips.

VII. What to Expect:

     Eye for an Eye: You may find that we seem harsh at times, but we will not go out of our way to be jerks to those who have not done something to warrant it. If you screw a Hunter over, he will screw you right back. If you are kind, you will find that we are kind in return. It's very simple philosophy, but we hold to this policy quite firmly.

     The Community: Although it can't really be defined in a paragraph understand that our fun is usually very vulgar, even though no one is trying to seriously hurt anyone else's feelings. No topic is taboo to us and you don't have to watch your back here. We aren't going to call the ACLU on you. On the other hand if you have a weak stomach, are self-righteous, or are offended easily we may not be the ideal unit for you. We're here for fun, whatever its form.

     Honesty: Honesty really is the best policy. If you make a mistake, just admit it. The unit as a whole will respect you more for making a mistake and admitting to it than denying it to maintain a "spotless reputation" or whatever stupid reasoning one may have to lie. If you make a Reaver dig and claw for the truth ,you're in for a lot worse than admitting to it and moving on. The saying "It's never the crime, it's always the cover-up" applies here.

VIII. Mercenaries:

     On divisions where large-scale teamwork and group play are necessary to complete objectives (such as non-faction based games with open world objectives) Mercenaries may be added to the roster to bolster the Hunter ranks.

     A Mercenary is not a Hunter, nor is a Mercenary considered to be a member of the unit in any capacity; a Mercenary is simply a recurring player whose company the Hunters enjoy. They are invited to the unit on the game they play but have no access to the Comlinks or Comstar, have no say in unit matters, no access or claim to any bank items, nor any of the benefits of being an actual Hunter. They do, however, have the comradery and support of the Hunters. Even as they wear the Hunter banner/tag of the Hunters, they are not considered members. They do not represent any type of emotional/social investment and thus may leave the unit at any time without bad blood.

     In many cases Mercenaries who experience Hunter life firsthand by participating with the unit choose to apply to the Hunters and become Riots. While this is both common and encouraged it is important to note:


The switch from Mercenary to Riot is permanent and may not be rescinded. If you fail to adapt to Riothood, you do not return to being a mercenary.