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BDO Daily Events
Xestodin Hunter 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th Sep 2016
Beginning September 15th, there will be 2 events with daily benefits. The first is the World Beer Festival, which will allow you to collect one of two types of special beer for 1 Loyalty, the first restores 20 Energy, the other increases Combat & Skill EXP by 20% for 30 minutes.

The second (and significantly more lucrative) event is the Loyal Explorer Event, which will provide a login bonus each day to include: Gold Items worth 5 million Silver, a Tier 5 Horse, and BOSS ARMOR. This event is extremely important for any of you who are gearing up still. 

Make sure you log in every day and collect your rewards. Link below for more information:

http://forum.blackdeserto ... plorer-event-series/

- X?

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